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Quinoa rice - ready to serve

Quinoa Rice (Healthy and Vegetarian)

I love eating Chinese food but I couldn’t eat it more often. As I don’t eat rice that much and then I found quinoa. So I tried making fried rice with quinoa instead of regular rice. I loved it and now it is something my whole…

Whole wheat wrapper momos | Healthy momos | how to make whole wheat vegetarian momos - final photos

Wheat momos | Healthy whole wheat veg momos

Momos are steamed filled dumplings. It is very popular in North India and people have it with red chutney. Traditionally momos are made out of maida or all-purpose flour. At Foodus Maximus, we care a lot about minor tweaks to make things healthy, and hence we…

Palak Paratha | Spinach flatbread without yeast| Hulk Flatbread - Main Image

Palak Paratha | Spinach flatbread without yeast| Hulk Flatbread

“Hulk Paratha” that’s what my nephew exclaimed when he saw “Spinach Flatbread/Palak Paratha”. Palak Paratha is a very healthy dish since it is made from whole wheat and there are essential micro-nutrients that you get from the Spinach. When I make Palak Paratha for myself, I…